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Towing and Recovery Service

For over 18 years, PRETOL has been providing various recovery and towing services to drivers in need. We are committed to ensuring that you are never stranded on the road. We have a highly skilled team, well-equipped and modern fleet of vehicles , enabling us to provide assistance at any time and under any conditions. 



  1. Using special high-quality technology, we free up and tow crashed or broken-down passenger and freight vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, combination vehicles, and multi-axle vehicles. We operate a range of special tools, such as lifting bags, that make our job simpler and faster, thereby reducing the cost of operations. If required, we also have a powerful crane with a load-bearing capacity of 55 tonnes. Using the crane when suitable reduces the risk of damage to vehicles and also saves on costs. The job is completed more quickly and there is no need to call for additional special recovery or towing services. In the case of breakdowns, our mechanics will carry out minor repairs on location, such as jump starting vehicles, changing tyres on both passenger and freight vehicles, or refuelling with petrol or diesel.
  2. Our company offers the advantage of cooperation in all areas, so you can arrange for the transport of your vehicle and oversized cargo with us on the spot, or for repairs to your vehicle following an accident. 
  3. We have gathered almost twenty years of experience in freeing up and towing vehicles. The most significant events in which we have played a role include the removal of the aftermath of the largest mass traffic accident in the history of the Czech Republic in March 2008, as well as a mass accident involving almost 60 cars on the D1 motorway in January 2018. 
  4. In addition to recovery and towing operations, we are also able to deploy up to 40 workers at a time, who, using machinery or their own hands, can help to reload spilled cargo. We can then store that cargo, as well as the vehicle itself, on our premises until the owner determines another place of unloading. Thanks to our fenced premises, which are monitored by a CCTV system, customers do not have to worry about the theft of personal items left in their vehicles. 
  5. We operate primarily on the D1 motorway, the Czech Republic’s main traffic artery, specifically on the section from kilometres 44.8 to 141.5. Thanks to our strategic position directly off exit 90 of the D1, we can be on the motorway practically immediately after a driver experiences problems. We secure traffic accident sites in accordance with the technological procedures issued by the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic. We ensure environmentally-friendly disposal of the aftermath of a traffic accident and clean-up of the accident site. 
  6. We are a member of the Integrated Rescue System of the Vysočina Region, the Vysočina Region Task Force, and a contractual partner of all insurance companies. All of our vehicles are fitted with GPS. During our work, we use advanced applications, thanks to which every intervention is immediately recorded, including photographs, so we are able to instantly submit all the information about each specific case to both assistance companies and to the customer.
  7. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can call us at any time, day or night. We always deal with the customer’s immediate needs on-site – we can arrange to transport people from broken-down vehicles and also, for example, mediate accommodation, servicing, or ecological disposal. We will help you with handling insurance claims. Cargo insurance is a matter of course. We take responsibility for your cargo. We communicate in Czech, English, and German.
The advantage of our company is the cooperation across all sections, so you can arrange with us on the spot also the transport of your vehicle and oversized cargo, or to repair the vehicle after the accident.

- Petr Endrle, towing service manager

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