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Why come to us?

  1. Respect for employees

    We value our employees, their work and the values ​​of each individual. We are open to solving any problem and we are happy when employees openly communicate with us.
  2. Interesting work 

    We guarantee interesting, meaningful work whose results will bring you joy and satisfaction.     
  3. Friendly team

    We're all in the same boat. We place emphasis on teamwork, sharing of experiences and mutual support and assistance among colleagues. 
  4. 20 years on the market

    We offer a stable company that has been operating on the market for two decades. You will work in a team of experts who will give you their many years of experience and knowledge in the field.  
  5. Rewards and benefits

    We appreciate your commitment to both annual and extraordinary premiums. Other bonuses include renting cars for private purposes, meal vouchers, importing lunch directly to the company or a transport allowance. 
  6. Nice working environment

    We pay attention to the safety and cleanliness of the working environment and the entire fleet of our company. Individual sections of the company have their own kitchens and we also have a large dining room.
  7. Further education

    We re-educate our employees. We do not consider professional training as useless. We understand them as a necessary condition for continuous growth and improvement of both individuals and society.


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