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Road flooded with bottles of Cola

A lorry transporting cola crashed on Tuesday 6 March 2018 near the village of Skuhrov in the District of Havlíčkův Brod on road No I/38. Shortly before 6:30 am, the site's communications manager called upon us to remove the resulting traffic obstruction. Freeing the vehicle itself was relatively straight forward. The rear section of its semi-trailer had ended up in a ditch and hit a tree. As a result of the impact, the trailer’s tarpaulin had torn, causing the load to spill out onto the road. The lorry was carrying 24 tonnes of bottled cola.
PRETOL’s workers removed the spilled cola from the road. 'We arranged individual undamaged packaging onto pallets, which we then placed into a waiting replacement vehicle using handling equipment. Other bottles from damaged packaging had to be re-loaded individually,' said PRETOL employee Rostislav Burian.

While the cargo was being removed, the Police of the Czech Republic directed traffic on the accident site. Full two-way traffic was restored by around 12:30 pm. Thanks to our special recovery and towing service, the damaged semi-trailer was towed away from the accident site.


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