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PHOTO: Troubleshooting the consequences of an accident of a vehicle carrying a digger at Komorovice

Komorovice - The whole night from Wednesday 21st to Thursday 22nd March the workers of the towing and rescue service PRETOL spent near the village Komorovice, where they were removing the consequences of an evening accident.
Around 6 pm, a truck carrying a 25-tonne excavator was demolished on road I / 34. The vehicle and the cargo ended up in a gutter, tipping over to the roof.
Before recovering the crashed vehicle, it was necessary to gather owners of the vehicles in the vicinity, and they had to be relocated in order to comfortably get all the necessary equipment. Further preparation consisted of cutting off the twisted drawbar of the trailer or digging the arm of an excavator that dug into the ground.
The main work involved overturning the trailer and the vehicle itself on the wheels and towing them, and tipping the excavator to the tracks. It was also necessary to remove the broken parts of the vehicle and excavator. The entire intervention was completed around four o'clock in the morning.
Five months ago a similar accident occurred on road I / 19 near Pelhrimov.
Kolem 18. hodiny se na silnici č. I/34 vybouralo nákladní vozidlo převážející 25tunový bagr. Vozidlo i s nákladem skončilo ve škarpě, přičemž se převrátilo na střechu.





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