Body Shop and Paint Shop

Our body shop and paint shop deals with the repair of passenger and cargo vehicles with a complete range of activities needed to repair a vehicle damaged in a traffic accident or other collision. We perform straightening of vehicle frames, repairs and straightening of cabs, including the replacement of individual parts, and painting of surfaces with first-class painting materials.



  1. An indisputable advantage of our Company is that we can completely repair a vehicle to its final stage “under one roof”. In cooperation with other sections of our Company, we will arrange the carriage of a crashed vehicle, production of special or hard-to-obtain parts, etc.
  2. This means you won't have to look for different repair companies that only carry out one kind of work, which will therefore considerably save both time and expenses. We do everything we can to speed up the delivery of your repaired car, so that you can use it again as soon as possible.
  3. We pride ourselves on precision, and therefore no-one can force us to do a “botch job”. We always degrease vehicles thoroughly, taking great care about cleanliness and precise repairs, not only of visible places, but also of hidden places, so that no hidden defects manifest themselves over time. Top quality is of paramount importance to us.
  4. We provide you with the very best quality thanks to professionals trained in the industry with more than ten years of experience, and thanks to professional equipment. Our equipment includes alignment systems produced by global manufacturer JOSAM.
  5. We carry out both cold straightening, and straightening using induction heating. The advantage of induction heating is that it heats the material directly where it is needed, so that the material is not degraded. Another advantage is greater safety at work than when using oxy-fuel welding, as well as clean operation.
  6. You will be spared nerves and time. We take photos of the entire course of repairs for the needs of insurance companies, with whom we will settle claims for you. We will provide complete communication and completion of the insured event, including the issue of a cover letter.
  7. All of these services are offered for all makes of vehicle and all insurance companies. By following the proper process, we practically exclude the conflict with insurance companies. You are welcome to come and see the repairs of your vehicle for yourself.
  8. We carry out painting in a new and modern booth manufactured by the company LAGOS with dimensions of 17.72 m x 6.1 m x 4 m. Our paint materials are produced by the renowned company SPIES HECKER. Our trained painters will provide a high-quality appearance of any painted surface.
  9. We meet agreed deadlines for repairs and painting, and comply with established standards. Thanks to all of principles, procedures, machinery and professionals, we are not familiar with the word “complaint”. Come and find out for yourself.
We pride ourselves on precision, and therefore no one compels us to do a "hack". We always thoroughly degrease the vehicle, ensuring cleanliness and precise repair not only of the visible areas but also of the hidden areas, so that no hidden defect will occur over time. Top quality is paramount for us.

 - Radek Höfer, Head of body shop and paint shop

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