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News from the paint shop: Painting booths under cleaning

Regular maintenance of the workplace is highly important, which is why our painters have set to work on it today. They are currently carrying out cleaning work on painting booths. How is such cleaning work performed and why is it needed?
A protective coating is permanently applied to the paint booth to prevent spray paint from being deposited on the walls, lights or floor of the booth. It also helps to prevent any dust or dirt from sticking to painted vehicles and parts, but rather just on this protective surface. The durability of the protective coating depends on how often the booth is painted. When the coating is no longer effective, it must be restored.

Before we start to wash away the coating, floor grates and filters must be removed so that washed away debris does not settle on them. After the booth has been cleaned, the grates are reinstalled together with new filters, and a new coating is then applied”, explains Radek Höfer, manager of the PRETOL body shop and paint shop. Cleaning the booth will take our painters one day. “Starting from tomorrow, we will start painting again. We are expecting the cab of a lorry which has been in an accident, Höfer concludes.


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