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PRETOL employees ran for smile

Pelhřimov – To support the children at the Senožaty orphanage – that was the goal of this year’s 'Run for Smile', which took place on 25 May 2019 in Pelhřimov.  
The five-kilometre race was attended by over 200 bold individuals, including seven PRETOL employees. 'The runners from our company included both those who run on a regular basis and those who decided to find out whether they could run the full distance at all. Everyone finished the route and seemed happy about their results,' said Zuzana Rodová, the spokeswoman for PRETOL, who added that the goal was, as they say, not to win but to participate and, above all, to contribute to a good cause. The charitable contribution made by PRETOL employees was twofold – not only did they directly help out the Senožaty orphanage, but they activated the EPP app (Pomáhej pohybem – 'contribute with your movement') as they ran, meaning they were collecting points to support other social projects.
Would you also like to participate in the 'Run for Smile'? Information on next year's event, which is to take place on 23 May 2020, is available here.


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