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EMERGENCY STREET. Since the first of October 2018, the rules of its creation have changed in order to align it with the way of creating a rescue aisle in neighboring European countries.
This aisle is used on multi-lane roads to get vehicles of Integrated Rescue System (IRS) units to get to traffic accidents in time. These are not only police officers, firefighters and ambulances, but also vehicles of the road manager and vehicles used to eliminate the consequences of a road accident or an obstacle to road traffic. It is about us. The rescue lane is very important to us. The sooner we get to the scene of an accident, the sooner the obstacle can be removed and the operation resumed. Unauthorized entry into this aisle by other drivers may be punished with a fine of up to CZK 2,000.
It is the duty of the drivers to form the aisle between the left and adjacent lanes (see figure above). Therefore, cars in the middle and right extreme lanes dodge to the right, then the fastest to the left. The aisle must be formed not only in the column of stationary vehicles but also in the column of slow moving vehicles. There must be a minimum width of three meters between the left and adjacent lanes. The same is true, for example, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Luxembourg or Slovenia.


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