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Building construction operations

PRETOL's construction operations offer customers varied construction and building works. These include: 
  • construction of basic technical facilities for industrial buildings (comprehensive construction of hard surfaces, construction fields, construction sites and landfills),
  • construction and reconstruction of engineering networks for industrial buildings and municipalities (comprehensive construction of water conduits, sewer and gas lines, ecological buildings),
  • construction and reconstruction of roads, pavements, paved traffic and industrial areas (comprehensive construction of roads, special-purpose and intra-plant roads, pavements, cycling tracks, parking areas, and paved industrial areas),
  • earthworks and grading (excavations, sinking of foundations, compaction, removal of topsoil, backfills, grading, etc.),
  • demolition works (demolition of masonry and concrete structures, including waste disposal),
  • truck transport (bulk materials, sand, aggregate, recyclates, metallurgical materials, soil, and other commodities).


proč právě my

  1. The vehicles and machinery operated by the construction operations division are serviced in our own professional truck service centre. The mechanics are fully trained and hold the required licences and certificates for work on the individual units of machinery.
  2. Our employees have many years experience with all the vehicles and machines we use on our construction sites. This includes: trucks with container superstructures and hydraulic arms, lorry-mounted cranes, skid-steer loaders, tractor-excavators, wheel excavators, and demolition hammers.
  3. We operate throughout the Czech Republic. We are flexible and adapt to the needs of each business partner. The scope of our portfolio enables us to collaborate with practically all sectors and entities.
  4. We are able to offer an immediate quote for almost any order. We procure full photo documentation for all orders. 
  5. We have significant experience building of crash barriers, and we are capable of implementing projects even in inaccessible terrain thanks to our experience with traffic accidents.
  6. When working on the roads, we make own traffic restriction arrangements, meaning the customer need not hire another company to handle traffic-related issues.
  7. Similarly, we take care of the transport of all essentials to the given site in collaboration with other company divisions. 
We have extensive experience with construction of crash barriers, while we are able to build even in inaccessible terrain thanks to experience from traffic accidents .

 - Ing. Jan Uchytil, construction department manager

Our work

No sign of mass traffic accident on motorway

The cleaning of the aftermath of the pile-up at the 99th kilometre of Motorway D1, which occurred…



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