Oversize shipments

We offer both domestic and international transport of oversized cargo and wood. We have years of experience with the transport of agricultural and construction machinery, buses, lorries, and other means of transport.



  1. Our drivers are not “only” drivers – they all hold the necessary licences and have passed the appropriate tests for handling transported equipment. These include binder tests, working with hydraulic arms, etc., so that our customers will have no need to provide anyone else who, for example, would have to load or unload a transported machine. We do not depend on other people, which speeds up the customer’s order and therefore saves time and money. Upon agreement, we are willing to deliver orders at any time, day or night.
  2. We will arrange all necessary transport permits and documents for transporting oversized and special loads in both the Czech Republic and abroad, where we regularly travel. We collaborate with customers both in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  3. The transport routes which we choose are optimal with respect to the load-bearing capacity of bridges, etc. We also ensure technical and police escorts. In the course of an order, we compile complete photo documentation (securing cargo, transport, unloading).
  4. We own state-of-the-art technology. Our special certified services are tried and tested, and we are constantly developing others. We currently own nine tractor units and nine semi-trailers. Our Doll semi-trailer can carry up to 30 cubic metres of logs. Logs of different lengths, from 2 to 12 metres, can be transported.
  5. Furthermore, we offer transportation with our two deep-bed telescopic trailers with steerable axles, low-loader telescopic trailers with ramps, low-bed trailer with winch and three tarpaulin trailers that can hold up to 120 m3.
  6. The latest addition to our fleet is a special vehicle for transporting tri-axle buses or large agricultural machinery, with a loading surface of 15 metres.
  7. We are duly insured for any situation. You can entrust us with your order with peace of mind. We will also transport loads which others cannot or do not want to transport.
We will provide all transport permits and documents needed for transport of oversized and special cargo in the Czech Republic and abroad, where we regularly go.

 - Milan Adamec, head of abnormal transport

our work

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2018 saw the expansion of our oversized cargo transport department

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