Measures against the dissemination of coronavirus

Together we fight against the spread of coronavirus. Thank you for respecting the set rules.
Dear customers,
Given the current situation, we are also introducing certain measures in our company to limit the spread of COVID-19.
Please note:
- Only employees are allowed to enter the company building.
- All appointments, receipt and delivery of vehicles, payments etc. should be arranged in advance by phone or e-mail.
- If possible, pay by credit card, not cash.
- When towing your vehicle, please note that our drivers will be equipped with protective equipment such as goggles, respirators and gloves. Our drivers will provide you with written information on the necessary measures. Please follow them and do not communicate with drivers unnecessarily.
- Crews of foreign vehicles, which will be on the premises of our company, are forbidden to move on the premises, except to visit the mobile toilet.
Thank you for your understanding.


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