From the backstage

The latest generation MAN extended our vehicle fleet

In September last year, a new generation of MAN TG series vehicles was introduced at our company in Vystrkov. 
And now we can be proud of one of ourselves! This is the first yellow addition of this new generation to our car family. At the moment, this new tractor is located in the workshop of our authorized service, in order to prepare for the conversion of the fuel tank to a larger capacity. We have also purchased a new semi-trailer for the three-axle tractor, which is already waiting for us in Belgium and on which it will be possible to transport oversized loads up to 24 m long. (For lengths up to 17 m, it is possible to carry loads up to four meters high!) Thanks to the new set, we will be able to satisfy the demand of other customers, so if you need, do not hesitate to contact us! You can also contact us if you would like to become our colleague as a driver. Meeting new challenges and a better tomorrow!


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