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Lifting bags - necessary rescue equipment

What happens "in our yard"? We are performing regular inspection and maintenance of lifting bags.

Lifting bags are needed, for example, to recover crashed buses, trucks or tanks.

The bags ensure a controlled, smooth, gradual stroke of the overturned vehicle. They are used where it is not possible to use a rescue winch or crane to overturn, eg in a tunnel or under high-voltage wires. Another advantage of lifting bags is, among other things, minimizing damage to the tank shell carrying dangerous gaseous or liquid substances or other material.

We used these bags in PRETOL, for example in December 2012, when we liquidated a tanker accident on the 107th kilometer of the D1 motorway in the direction of Brno, a cement tanker accident at Zruč nad Sázavou in 2013 or the D3 motorway at Tábor in 2017, where these irreplaceable rescue aids were also used to overturn the tank.



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