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They are preparing for a demolition of a bridge in Mírovka. A temporary footbridge is already in place

 Mírovka - Preparations for the demolition of the Mírovka bridge near Havlíčkův Brod are underway.
Yesterday we laid a temporary footbridge across the Šlapanka River to get from one end of the shore to the other when the bridge was demolished.
“We set up the three-tonne footbridge on concrete panels for a distance of eighteen meters,” said Jaroslav Říha, crane operator of PRETOL. Only pedestrians, not vehicles, can cross the bridge, which is currently provided with concrete blocks to prevent passage, as well as across the footbridge. Due to the poor condition of the pillars of the bridge, which dates back to 1925, its demolition and construction of a new bridge is planned this year. Construction of the new bridge should take about half a year.


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