Good causes

PRETOL s.r.o. supports a good cause. Why?

We work in transport and we encounter the consequences of accidents, technical and human failure or simply coincidence on a daily basis. As a result, we know all too well about the value of the little things that may play a crucial role when it comes to safety or danger, health and life. And this knowledge is reflected in the way we look at the value of health, where we know that not everyone has the privilege of enjoying full health and doing what they find enjoyable and fulfilling in life as we do, and that little things, or a fraction of a second, may be enough to change everything. That is why we are a partner to those who were not so lucky.

We consider social responsibility to be an ethical obligation of every good entrepreneur and company.

Why do we support and are a partner of Tango, manažerů na vozíčcích?
  • Although on wheelchairs, they never give up – and we do not back down from problems or complex orders either.
  • They want to be the best – just like us.

Why do we support and are a partner of Daruj hračku (Donate a Toy)?
  • We like making specific dreams come true.
  • We do not only want to bring joy, but rather to help people find their purpose, to start a new life.

We are a partner of a project that has repeatedly received the prestigious Cenu Ď at the National Theatre in Prague.

In addition to supporting managers on wheelchairs, our Company and individual employees take part in various other events that support sick or otherwise disadvantaged people. For example, we organised a collection of batteries in support of the Charity Help Centre in Humpolec. In 2018 we also contributed to the Ježíškova vnoučata (Santa’s Grandchildren) project, sending a gift to Ms Zdeňka of Havlíčkův Brod. There are several regular blood and potential bone marrow donors among us. Since March 2019, we have also helped, via the Pomáhej pohybem (Help by Moving) app, to support the Žiješ srdcem (You Live by the Heart) project (among other projects), initiated by an association Loono focusing on prevention and raising public awareness in the area of health.

In 2019 we began cooperating with the Humpolec based association Medou. Medou runs a day-care centre for people with physical, mental or combined disabilities and for people with autism. We deeply admire the work of people who take care of the handicapped, and we are aware of the importance of supporting both the handicapped and those who care for them with kindness and readiness. Our first support, therefore, concerned financial assistance with the intention to cover the costs of a training event for employees of the association who work with autistic people. We believe that everyone at Medou will benefit from the event.

PRETOL employees ran for smile

Pelhřimov – To support the children at the Senožaty orphanage – that was the goal of this…


Acknowledgment of the nursery „Nad Tratí“ in Havlíčkův Brod

Kindergarten Nad Tratí in Havlíčkův Brod thanked PRETOL HB s.r.o. for sponsorship gifts.



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