Abnormal transport

International transport of tri-axle buses

In August we wrote an article about a new addition to our vehicle fleet in the oversized cargo transport department. You can read the article here. A special deep-bed trailer with a loading surface of 16.5 metres is suitable for transporting the very longest tri-axle buses. We are currently transporting such a bus from Switzerland to the Czech Republic.
We offer transport of buses and other vehicles and oversized cargo to both long-term and new customers. Contact us and find out more about our advantageous transport conditions!

We will arrange all transport permits and documents needed for transporting oversized and special loads in the Czech Republic and abroad, and choose the optimal transport route with respect to the load-bearing capacity of bridges, etc. We further ensure technical and police escorts. Our drivers hold the necessary licences and have passed the appropriate tests for handling transported equipment.

Head of oversized transport
Milan Adamec
Tel.: 775 866 684
E-mail: m.adamec@pretol.cz


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